Terms and Conditions

Although we hold our stock in the highest quality standards possible, most of our stock is pre-owned and where applicable, we try our best to keep all patina, wear and conditioning intact to allow the natural ageing process to continue within reason. As such We do not offer a warranty of any pre-owned products in the store and any repair or returns are at the sole discretion of Philip Zetler Jewellers CC. 

We ship internationally and depending on location, delivery may take up to 14-21 working days. Upon full completion and reflection of your purchase, we will ship within 3 working days and issue you with a tracking number. International orders can be subject to local customs imports fees, duties and taxes and are the sole responsibility of the customer.
Please check your countries specific import fees and taxes to account for final product prices to the customer. 

Deposits & Consignment
All deposits paid to secure jewellery, watches, stones and any repair are non-refundable.
Stock brought into the shop on consignment without proper / correct contact details, regular check-ins and will become sole discretional property of Philip Zetler Jewellers CC within 1 year (365 days) of last contact.

Returns & Refunds
All products leave the store in the perfect working or usable condition where loose components are concerned. 
Due to the pre-owned, rare nature of most of our products we do not accept refunds and returns are at the sole discretion of Philip Zetler Jewellers CC. 

Exchange Rates
Exchange rates are consistently fluctuating and we endeavour our best to make sure prices are updated where applicable, but where dispute arrises, prices will be capped / fixed on the agreed upon date of the Philip Zetler Jewellers CC where trade or exchange is concerned.